Introducing Betaflow: Revolutionizing Hydraulic Filtration with Flow Dynamics and Automation

Posted by Randy Hydrick on Nov 30th 2023

Introducing Betaflow: Revolutionizing Hydraulic Filtration with Flow Dynamics and Automation

Flow Dynamics and Automation proudly announces the market rollout of Betaflow, a cutting-edge hydraulic filter product initiative. Betaflow was developed to address the pressing needs of Flow Dyanmic's broader customer base, tackling significant challenges in the application and usage of hydraulic filters.

Key Issues and Betaflow Solutions:
  1. Availability Challenges:
    • Issue: Supply chain disruptions lead to extended lead times of 10-12 weeks due to numerous part number options.
    • Betaflow Solution: Our stocking program simplifies the selection process, offering common filter products with competitive pricing, eliminating the complexity of endless configurations.
  2. Filter Efficiency:
    • Issue: Industry-wide use of paper elements and concerns about element integrity in high shock systems.
    • Betaflow Solution: Exclusively utilizes high-efficiency elements with beta ratios of 1000, featuring fiberglass and epoxy-bound media to prevent channeling. Ensures dirt holding efficiency while avoiding the use of paper elements.
  3. Sizing Dilemmas:
    • Issue: Confusing performance metrics and sizing tricks in filter selection.
    • Betaflow Solution: Data sheets transparently indicate a clean pressure drop of 15 psid or less for stated flows, providing ample life and dirt holding capacity without resorting to performance tricks.
  4. Cost Concerns:
    • Issue: Uncertainty about the cost competitiveness of hydraulic filters in the market.
    • Betaflow Solution: Research shows Betaflow pricing is at or below the market average, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Simplifying the Selection Process:

  • With hundreds of filter choices available, the Betaflow initiative aims to simplify the customer experience. Avoiding guesswork and non-stock items, our streamlined process ensures your Betaflow choice meets all criteria for optimal performance.

Comprehensive Services by Flow Dynamics:

  • Flow Dynamics complements Betaflow with a range of additional services, leveraging 50+ years of expertise in hydraulic oil filtration. Services include dehydrating rentals, flushing, oil testing, training, auxiliary kidney loop for cleaning and cooling, as well as will-fit element sales.

Betaflow, backed by Flow Dynamics and Automation, represents a leap forward in hydraulic filtration technology. We invite you to experience the simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of Betaflow as we continue our commitment to excellence in hydraulic solutions. Contact us today, and let our team address your unique filtration needs.

Check out the Betaflow filters here: