Water Hydraulics

water-hydraulics.jpgWater Hydraulics has been used in applications where fire threats and environmental concerns are present for many years with varying results. The requirements for such applications are challenging largely due to the lack of lubrication in the fluid and effect of contamination on valve surfaces. Our specialty components, both pumps and valving are designed to operate at high pressures on 100% water. The use of ceramics in control valving makes our solutions unique to the market. We have successfully provided high pressure systems in steel mills, subsea markets, hydrostatic pipe testing, descaling processes, military, nuclear, hydro and downstream oil & gas applications. Our components support naval boat contractors as well as U.S. Navy nuclear powered vessels, in compliance with MIL-I-45208 and ISO 9001 standard.

Our expertise in conventional hydraulics gives us an unmatched edge in providing complete turn-key systems to the above-mentioned markets. Track records are important and indicate solid successes in challenging applications. Our high pressure water partners, such as Cat pump, Fluid Logic and Hunt Valve allow our team to provide worry free solutions with a proven measure of success in this challenging market.