2002-U (2002-U VERTICAL CLAMP)

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New generation Destaco toggle clamp with 3 times the capacity of legacy models
- Longer handle with greater hand clearance
- Longer clamp arm
- Spindle contacts work piece vertically


-Material: Steel
-Clamp Arm Length: 1.93 in
-Overall Height (in): 4.72 in
-Overall Length: 3.29 in
-Cap Width (in): N/A
-Tip Material: Neoprene
-Height Under Clamp arm: 0.95 in
-Tip Diameter (in): 0.22in
-Base Mounting Centers (in): .50x1.06 in
-Handle: 75 Degrees/ Vertical
-Weight: 0.50
-Thread Size: M6
-Package Includes: 215105 Flanged Washers (2), 215208-M Spindle (1)
-Maximum Holding Capacity (lb): 600lb
-Handle Color: Red
-Product Function: Clamping
-Spindle Assembly: 215208-M
-Bolt Retainer
-Requires Articulation: Yes
-Product series: 2022/2007
-Clamp Bar Opening (+10 degrees): 75 Degrees
-Duty Cycle: 2
-Handle Opening (+ 10 degrees): 66 Degrees
-Clamp Arm Style: U-Bar
-Base Mounting Style: Flange
-Flanged Washers: 215105
-Toggle Lock Plus: No


-Handle Color: Red
-Application – Closures: Excellent/High
-Application - Food Processing: Not Recommended
-Application - Checking Fixtures: Excellent/High
-Accommodates Workpiece Variation: No
-Application – Machining: Poor/Low
-Application – Welding: Fair/ Medium
-Application – Assembly: Excellent/High
-Application Woodworking: Excellent/High
-Product Type: Standard
-Service Environment: Normal

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review