Schroeder Industries


Hydraulic & Lube Filter Housings:

High pressure filters up to 6500 psi (450 bar) produce the lowest system contamination levels to assure clean fluid for sensitive high-pressure components and provide protection of downstream components in the event of catastrophic failures. Systems with high pressure flows typically need only be sized to match the output of the pump, where the return line may require a much larger filter for the higher flows. Schroeder's product range of high pressure housings includes top-ported, base-ported, servo protection (sandwich) filter housings, manifold mounted and manifold assembled, cartridge elements for use in manifold applications, hydrostatic (bi-directional) and high pressure water service filters.

Element Technology:

High-efficiency elements for lubrication and fluid power systems
Our exceptional elements are tested to ensure fabrication integrity in the manufacturing process. They are also tested for efficiency and dirt holding capacity in a multi-pass test stand, equipped with inline particle capabilities, which are calibrated to ISO standards.

Filter Systems:

As applications become more sophisticated and widespread, the need for highly sensitive diagnostic equipment to measure and analyze the performance of hydraulic filter systems is increasing. Schroeder Industries provides:

  • Diagnostic Products known for their diversity, capability and precision.
  • Fluid Conditioning Products are hydraulic oil filter systems for removing contaminants and water from various types of hydraulic fluids.

Water/Process Filtration:

Innovating water and chemical filtration/strainer products for improving performance and efficiency in industry.

We design solutions for industry and for the success of our customers by:

  • Optimizing the use of technology with applications
  • Using an efficient, timely customized process to fill specific customer needs
  • Increasing manufacturing capacity and streamlining operations
  • Preserving our reputation for reliability
  • Expanding globally to support our customers and stay current with new technologies
  • Leveraging and sharing our knowledge to meet challenges openly
  • Nurturing a creative, cooperative culture committed to the individual and to providing the best solutions for our customers

Our goal is to be your partner in filtration. Our expertise in filtration/strainer technology, superior filter and element technology capabilities and a level of dedication to customer service and product support are the reasons we’re a worldwide leader in Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions®

Fuel Filtration:

Schroeder Fuel Filtration Systems are designed to help our clients achieve the most rigorous new diesel fuel quality standards in the world. Advanced diesel filtration is essential to achieve the fuel cleanliness required by new, Tier IV - high pressure, common rail engines and to remove over 99.9% of water. Diesel ISO codes of 15/13/11 at the point of fuel dispensing from storage tanks and 12/9/6 at the injector are required to prevent expensive engine repairs, costly equipment down time and other risks to business and safety.

Hydraulic Accessories:

Schroeder Industries offers a complete range of reservoir accessories, rotomolded reservoir subsystems and individual accessory components with unique value-added options. Schroeder’s hydraulic accessories product offering consists of air breather (desiccant and phenolic resin impregnated cellulose media), pressure gauges, filler-strainers, fluid level monitors, oil sight glasses, suction strainers, magnetic suction separators, hydraulic test points, and rotomolded reservoirs.