orvitek.jpgThe solution you've been searching for  Orvitek, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic devices, hardware, and software for vehicles and heavy equipment used in construction, defense, logging, mining, railroads, transportation, utilities, and waste management.

Our reliable, maintenance-free devices are specifically designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, including extreme vibration, temperatures, humidity, and continuous-duty operation.

An extensive engineering background, expertise in electronic engineering, ability both to customize products and create new ones for unique applications, low-cost production, Just-In-Time delivery, and outstanding customer support have made Orvitek, Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in the field.

Reliability you can expect
Perhaps our most important product is peace of mind. Our customers know they can depend on Orvitek products to perform exactly as they are supposed to, every time. With no surprises.

We test and burn-in every unit we manufacture, with functional tests performed well in excess of expected stress conditions. And we let each unit run until we are sure it meets our exacting standards. To ensure that our products will perform as well in the field as they do in tests, we follow the rules, standards and recommended practices of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Our electronic engineers use state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools for electronic hardware, as well as Computer-Aided Software Engineering tools to design the reliable software our customers expect.