Municipal Water Plants

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municipal1.jpgMany municipal water plants that produce water for your local community have pneumatic control valves that operate the water back flush system. Typically, these valve systems are made by Versa Products and are usually on individual manifolds. There is also an older system manufactured by BIF that is convertible to the Versa system. These valves were installed years ago with many cycles on them and are by-passing both internally and externally. Once confronted with this application, we begin to apply our “Imagineering” to the requirement at hand. We have designed a retrofit manifold that incorporates the same valves that were originally on the equipment with the addition of an updated manifold mounting option and air diaphragm spool actuators. These manifolds control the water flow valving used for back flushing the water filters. The manifold incorporates valves with common inlet and exhaust ports. It eliminates many connection ports and allows the valves to be changed with no disturbance to the piping. The pictures are working manifolds that went into a north Alabama water plant in 2008 and are installed and running.


Theses systems are entirely pneumatically operated manually. If during the upgrade process a filter plant wanted to automate the process more we can add electrical controls via field bus that can offer remote access via the internet. This technology allows control of this block (outputs), other blocks and (inputs) to communicate with a programmable controller with one wire. This means that you can add additional items and or monitor numerous readings of pressure, flow, temperature, cameras, thermostats and even security checkpoints with one wire connected to a PLC. All this information can be logged and uploaded to any authorized user. Finally, the person or persons responsible for the functionality of entire system can control and monitor the system from home or office over the internet. If you are interested in a review of your plant and a feasibility study or just need the valves replaced with our new manifold design, e-mail with your requirement.


Also shown is a computer controlled water modulation valve with infinitely variable position/flow according to an input reference signal. This new design is capable to dealing with pure water and high pressure up to 3000 psi.  Give us a call.