Mobile Equipment Automation

Specialty Markets   

mobile1.jpgMobile Automation systems are fast becoming one of our main specialty focuses. For a number of years mobile hydraulic systems consisted of gear pumps, and sectional 4 way valves. Today electronics are taking the industry by storm, many times drive by the need for a more efficient system. It was not uncommon years ago to have volumetric inefficiencies in the 50-60 % range with huge amounts of horsepower wasted to heat and slow speeds.

Today we have highly efficient systems (in the mid 90 percentile) as a result of load sense piston pumps and on board load sense valve stacks. These stacks incorporate load independent features that allow the movement of multiple cylinders at the same time with different pressures, with no affect on the other cylinder. The cylinder speed and force requirement is then sent back to the pump to command the pump to produce only what is required to do what the operator wants. This results in a huge savings in fuel, reduced heat, less wear on the engine and fewer leaks. If the system requires 3000 psi, it will idle at 250 psi while waiting to be called on.

mobile2.jpgWe then can take this advancement and marry it to electronics to allow easy interaction with the operator through joysticks, touch screens, radio controlled consoles and even remote fobs. The engine function and hydraulics can be controlled and monitored through one controller allowing features such as horsepower limiting, troubleshooting, and diagnostics for both the engine and the hydraulics. One can take it one step further and have their machines monitored and/or controlled via internet and GPS.

Things have really changed in this arena and with our partnerships with Linde, Oilgear, Bucher, Hawe and Orvitek, we can accomplish all of these with ease. With us you are only limited by your imagination. Contact us!