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HAWE‘s broad and varied product line is designed with a modular approach, where components can be combined to create any number of systems and solutions. An essential component of our flexibility is in the development of our own state-of-the-art electronics. These devices increase the number of applications and expand the system‘s capacity as easy as plug-and-play.

Explore the Flexible and Compact Power Pack HK

hawe hydraulicsHAWE power pack HK is loaded with flexibility: it works both continuously and intermittently; it can be installed either as a horizontal or vertical unit; it's available in three sizes; and is available with single, dual or triple circuit pumps. The HK has an integrated electrical connection, and hydraulic control systems can be created by directly mounting various connection blocks and valve banks. The HK comes with an integrated fan for cooling.

Examples of applications include handling and clamping systems for machine tools and jigs, welding machines, endurance test benches, and torque wrenches.


Machine Tooling with Compact Hydraulic Power Packs

haweThe BA 400 series machining center is used for small to medium-sized work-pieces, as well as ferrous metal machining. The machining center is available with two or four spindles and provides torque up to 200 Nm. It is designed for clamping blanks while work-pieces are machined on the opposite worktable; it can also be used for multiple work-pieces clamping on a double swivel table with three linear axes and two rotary axes.

The work-piece handling is done via robots or linear gantries. The HAWE system eliminates use of a gear pump to generate hydraulic energy and replaces it with a radial piston pump, which offers a higher efficiency than gear pumps or vane pumps. The choice of the pump's power pack (HK series) also comes with a submerged motor for the drive.


Load/No Load Operation? Try MP and MPN Power Units

haweCompact power packs MP and MPN are intended for intermittent or idle circulation operation in stationary applications, such as braking for wind power systems, and handling and clamping for machine tools and jigs. The system incorporates radial piston pumps for dual stage drives such as presses or dual circuit systems. Two-stage valves and switching units can be directly mounted due to HAWE's innovative modular approach. Variable tank sizes and drive power provides additional flexibility to meet any system requirements.


KA Packs Power for Industrial Applications

hawe ka packsHAWE KA units are designed for intermittent duty S2 and S3 operation. Supplying pressures up to 10,000 psi, the KA power pack consists of a pump, a tank, and a fluid-immersed motor. Some versions feature two pumps and can supply hydraulic consumers with differing pressure levels. The KA power pack can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, and because of its compact design it meets the need for small spatial requirements.

There are three tank extensions available, which allow the tank size to be customized from two to ten liters, depending on the fluid demand for the particular application. The unit also includes an auxiliary fan, which significantly reduces the fluid temperature. The fan assists the already high-quality thermal dissipation capability of this unit and increases operation period. This option is available for both vertical and horizontal versions of the unit.