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forest1.jpgWith the current situation in the housing sector, it is essential to make every dollar count where saw blades are turning. Our technology is found in applications ranging from sawmills and dimensional lumber mills to pulp/paper and Veneer mills. Bosch/Rexroth has become the default servo-proportional valve in this industry over the years. With changes that have occurred during their merger and resulting distribution changes, lead times and pricing combined with inability to deliver have sent many customers looking for viable alternatives. We offer those alternatives with either Moog or Atos, standard Cetop 05 on board electronics servo grade proportional valves. These valves are functionally equal or above in performance. We can offer drop in replacements for this common valve at a very competitive pricing from inventory or very short deliveries. The replacements we offer can even have the same electrical plug pin outs making the exchange seamless. Our electrical engineering group is available to resolve any connectivity or tuning issues in the event of conflict. We support this industry with our repair of both brands of product with fast turn around and new valve warranties. Flow Dynamics represent the best solutions for alternatives to the Bosch/Rexroth product. Give us a call.