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Precision Link Conveyors

ferguson1.jpgIMC Precision Link Conveyors combine excellent accuracy with high load capacity to provide the versatility needed to meet any automation challenge. In conjunction with an IMC Index Drive and pick and place units, Precision Link Conveyors can serve as the cornerstone of your inline automatic assembly operation

Precision Link Conveyors feature:

  • Modular Table Top or Heavy Duty versions
  • Precision positioning of parts for assembly or manufacturing processes
  • High Speed station to station parts transfer
  • ferguson2.jpgPrecision Links with roller bearings and precision ground cam followers for smooth transfer and long life
  • Link size range to meet most application requirements
  • Optional Bases, Line Shafts and Tooling Mounting Plates
  • Complete with Motorized Index Drive system including transfer overload protection.

Precision Conveyors are available with the following Link Lengths:

  • Modular Table Top Conveyors: 3.0, 4.5, and 6.0 inches
  • Heavy Duty Conveyors: 6.0, 9.0 and 12.0 inches

IMC can customize a Precision Link Conveyor system to meet your requirements. Common alterations include conveyor length, index distance and motion, link fixture mounting pattern, tooling plate configuration, line shaft configuration, support base design, drive package components and drive package arrangement.