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enertrols1.gifEnertrols, Inc., was founded in 1973 to design and manufacture high-performance industrial hydraulic shock absorbers. Recognizing the need for a shock absorber with the ability to withstand the high cycle rates of modern automated manufacturing lines, we designed and built our first shocks to do just that. These high-quality shocks were sturdy enough to operate over a long period of time under all kinds of adverse conditions with little, or no, maintenance.

As a result, Enertrols (our name combines Energy and Controls) has grown from a small local manufacturer to a position as a leading international supplier of deceleration devices to all major industries.

The introduction of our Gold Line™ Series gave industry a proven source of reliable and rugged high-performance shock absorbers. Enertrols began setting the pace with an industry "first" with its debut of the high-capacity Gold Line™ Series in 1983. A year later, we introduced the first Prox Shock™, which featured an on-board proximity sensor.

Mounting Stop Collars (MSC™) and Positive Stop Collars (PSC™) for Gold Line™ shocks were added in 1986. They were followed in 1988 by our unique SILVERLINE™ Series, industry's first low-velocity shock absorber, capable of working efficiently in slow-moving, high effective weight conditions.

Enertrols large 4" Bore Series and a line of Standard Mounting Plates & Brackets for Primary Mount Series shock absorbers, were new items in 1989.

To kick off the '90s, Enertrols introduced a new series of miniature, full threaded-body, adjustable shock absorbers. Double-acting Dampers and other special-purpose shock absorbers were also new in 1990. That same year saw us introduce a milestone in our industry; the first Five-Year Warranty on industrial hydraulic shock absorbers, covering our Gold Line™ and SILVERLINE™ Series.

1993 saw the addition of a line of non-adjustable, miniature, "self-compensating" shock absorbers, featuring full threaded-body design in five series and 12 different models; expanded to six series and 18 models in 1998. A new High Precision metric series of Gold Line™ Fixed Flange shock absorbers will become available late in 1998.

All Enertrols products are available in a wide range of models and sizes... at very competitive prices with on-time delivery... world-wide. We back that up with experienced sales, engineering, manufacturing and service personnel... world-wide. You will find us represented in all major industrial markets... world-wide.