Delta Computer Systems


The RMC75, RMC150 and RMC200 share nearly all the same control features, and are configured and programmed in the same way using Delta's RMCTools software. If you know how to set up and configure one of these controllers, you can configure the others just as easily!

A number of feedback options are available for controlling a wide variety of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic position and position–pressure or position-force applications.



RMC75: 1-2 axes of control
High performance for smaller applications

The RMC75 motion controller series offers a choice of three RMC75 CPUs for one- and two-axis systems.







RMC150: 2-8 axes of control
Highly configurable for a wide variety of mid-size applications

The RMC150 motion controller supports 2- to 8-axis systems. The built-in 10/100 Ethernet port provides connectivity to many PLCs and HMIs.


RMC200: Up to 50 axes of control
Delta's newest and most capable controller for larger applications

The RMC200 motion controller family supports systems with up to 50 axes. The built-in 10/100 Ethernet ports provide connectivity to many PLCs and HMIs. The RMC200 is offered in Lite and Standard configurations.