De-Sta-Co Suction Cups

Automation Products   

destaco-suction-cups.jpgDE-STA-CO’s Vacuum Cups are offered in several different sizes/shapes, durometers, materials and mounting options depending on the application. From Class-A Finish surfaces to 480 Degree F (250 C) parts - DE-STA-CO has the vacuum cup solution for your application! We have also created a user-friendly Application, Characteristics and Usage (ACU) Index to assist in the selection of the most appropriate vacuum cup for the application.

Our product includes:

  • MFF-Oval - Oval Flat Hot Forming Vacuum Cups
  • AC/BT - Round Bellows Vacuum Cups
  • DC - Destacker Stress Relieving Vacuum Cups
  • DD/DM - Round Deepdish Vacuum Cups
  • FF/PF - Round Flatfoot Vacuum Cups
  • CC - Round Cone Vacuum Cup
  • TC/HT - Round Traction Cups
  • FF/PF Oval - Oval Flatfoot Cups
  • DD/DM Oval - Oval Deepdish Vacuum Cups
  • MTC-Round - Round Bellows Hot Forming Vacuum Cups
  • MFF-Round - Round Flat Hot Forming Vacuum Cups
  • MAC-Oval - Oval Bellows Hot Forming Vacuum Cups
  • MAG - Magnets
  • MAG-MT - Magnet Mount
  • TPLP - Magnets
  • VC-B - Micro Series Round Bellows Vacuum Cups
  • VC-BM - Micro Series Round Multi-Bellows Vacuum Cups
  • VC-F - Micro Series Round Flatfoot Vacuum Cups