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daman.jpgThe Custom Manifold Concept:
A unique developmental process that begins with a need to perform.

Daman custom manifolds.Custom hydraulic manifolds are usually created because there is a new requirement or set of specifications that cannot be satisfied by standard manifold designs. In many cases, these manifolds begin life as freehand schematics on an engineer's not pad, but in every instance, the complexities of efficient and cost effective manifold design must eventually be put in place by a qualified design and manufacturing team.

The successful evolution of a custom product depends on the experience and expertise of this manifold development team as well as the time demands established by the customer. Daman Products as earned a 20 year reputation as a leader in the design and production of superior quality standard and custom hydraulic manifolds, and their developmental procedures are second to none. A unique Daman system moves custom manifold design applications closer to the consistency, accuracy and speed of standard manifold development procedures.