American Cylinder



CR Series

American's CR Series, corrosion resistant air cylinders are designed to withstand exposure to a wide range of moistures, lubricants, and many solvents. The major components of CR air cylinders are Delrin acetal resin and stainless steel.

CR air cylinders are available in 3/4", 1 1/16', 1 1/2" and 2" bore sizes. All are stainless steel.

LSC Series

American's LSC Series, linear slide cylinders in miniature sizes, are available in 5/16' thru 1 1/2" bore sizes. Features include replacement air cylinders, large diameter special accuracy Hard Chrome Plated Type 303 Stainless Steel guide shaft, aluminum tooling mounting bar, Buna-N U-Cup rod and piston seals and switch capability.

MFC Series

American's MFC Series, magnetic field cylinders, for Reed Switch and Hall Effect Switch applications, are available in the Aluminum 76 Series or the Stainless Steel Series in bore sizes 9/16" through 2 1/2".

All switches have low profile with band adjustments for 360 degrees adjustability. Specifications and data are listed in clear concise language for each type of switch.