Company Information

Flow Dynamics and Automation is located in Birmingham, Alabama in 2 adjacent buildings totaling 27,000 square feet. We are dedicated to providing value added services to the distribution of fluid power components and systems. Currently we are undergoing a major expansion of our facilities and have acquired an additional 12.500 sq. foot  facility across the street. This facility will house our inventory, electrical panel building shop,  upgraded pump repair shop, automatic lubrication division, filtration dehydration rental and our newly created field service group. The company is privately owned and operated and is a member of the Fluid Power Distributors Association and the Fluid Power Society.

Fluid power is the controlled transmission of energy by oil, water, or air through hydraulics using pressurized liquids or pneumatics using compressed air. The energy that fluid power transmits is building a better, more efficient world. We at Flow Dynamics and Automation are professionals who work hard to improve the way in which fluid power components and system are delivered. We are committed to continually raising the standard of the fluid power industry through quality programs, education, and the encouragement of technological development. We are in a constant state of development of this technology with programs that include, computerized inventory sharing management through M-net, systems design using CAD/CAM interface, repair services, bar coding and continual educational programs for our employees and customers.

As we are now in the 21st century and it is clear that the companies that incorporate the use of computers and the Internet in the core of their business are the companies that intend to do business in this era. We are committed to ride the leading edge of this technology in order to help you, our customer, meet your goals. These tools allow us to compete with the large integrated suppliers in efficiency and price, while adding the technical expertise that is lacking with a supply house.

We are truly a unique company that has been blessed with considerable knowledge of the industry. We value highly the development of a "relationship" with everyone that we do business with. You are invited to join us in that pursuit.